"lake baikal"


Swiss girl born in Berlin, living in Brussels with English husband and 4 years old daughter.


My interest for sports, wellbeing and later nutrition started when I was 9 years old. Fencing was my passion and when I was performing at a high level I always loved how I felt after giving my very best and more at a competition. The concentration and peacefulness that I needed to succeed in that sport was always something that I liked a lot. After 10 years of intense fencing, and also numerous other sporting activities, I decided to try out something new that had always intrigued me: Yoga. I did a lot of different classes, styles and loved it a little more each time. After two years studying sports science I decided to work to get the money to pay for the teacher training. And now here I am giving personal yoga classes, nutritional advice and more.

What I would like to give to others with these sessions is not just Yoga! By providing a professional service tailored uniquely for you to ensure that you meet your goals- whatever they may be I hope to build you a more positive lifestyle. The end result is that you fulfill your physical potential leading you to feel comfortable, happy and confident in your body.

Tell me what you want, what you want to achieve and what your goals are and we work from there. The postures are one side to something much bigger. Using the spiritual and nutrition side of yoga and with a little help from physical fitness I hope to be able to help in to creating a healthier, happier you!



“Don’t try to be perfect,
just be better than yesterday”

“Most of the shadows in this
life are caused by us standing
in our own sunshine”

“How people treat you is their
karma, how you react is yours”



Don’t let the idea of eating a healthy diet bore you to death.
Eating a balanced healthy diet should be something that
is exciting, fun and delicious. Come and have a chat with
me about how you can reap all of the benefits of a healthy
lifestyle whilst enjoying your food.



If you want some useful tips on how to improve your fitness outside Yoga then come find me. Together with my husband we have years of experience on the most efficient ways of making your body fighting fit!

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Bérangère Tchedry
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